Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haemanthus coccineus

I've always wanted one of these as I have several H. albiflos in my garden
and they do very well.  I assumed this would be just as easy to care for, but I happened to encounter an "expert" in SA bulbs at the sale and he said this species is a little more difficult to grow.  Luckily, I got a few pointers!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kalanchoe synsepala

This is one of my favorite Kalanchoe's.  The maroon leaf margins are 
eye-opening.  I have found it difficult to maintain this coloration on plants
in my garden.  I will try to expose it to more sun.

Here's a different plant, showing the blooms.  Very small, but beautiful!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cheiridopsis peculiaris

Came across this Cheiridopsis peculiaris at the SDCSS sale today.
It's my lucky day as I have never seen this one for sale!  It was labeled
C. peculiaris 'Steinklopf'.  Since other Cheiri's do well in my climate, 
I hope this one does too!

Blooming in Spring.  Notice old leaves are beginning to die back and turn red.  I may have it in too much sun?! 

A couple of months later, new (green) growth emerging from the center of main plant and small pup growing at the right side.  Flower remains on plant and has not completely dried.  Not sure if purple coloration is dying tissue or a response to increased sunlight. 

Mammillaria duwei

I've started collecting cactus with interesting and/or beautiful
spines. This Mammillaria duwei is one example.  The snow white
spines are soft, feathery, and cover nearly the entire plant.  
(Infrequent summer water; dry in winter) 

Cheiridopsis candidissima bloom

This plant is a prolific bloomer, especially after abundant winter rain.  Here it is in full bloom.  It seems to be responding to the sun, as flowers did not develop at the back side of the plant which faces away from the low winter sun.  This Cheiri does very well here, enduring dry summers and cool, wet winters.  

A few days later....  

Here's a young, white blooming Cheiri