I Wish...

I have lots of wishes ~ A larger house, kitchen remodel, trip to South Africa, an Aston Martin V12 Vantage, etc.. Generally speaking, it's just a matter of saving up (hah!).  This is my Plant Wish List, perhaps more attainable than the others if I keep my eyes open, connect with other plant enthusiasts, and maybe come across a bit of good luck.  I will definitely add to it often.   Since I don't own any of these plants, I had to "borrow" photos from online sources.  For now, this is what I really want....!

Beautifully spotted
Conophytum verruculosa ssp verruculosa
Photo credit:

Austrocylindropuntia malayana (8/12)

A very large bromeliad in Balboa Park.
The colors are amazing...very rich, purple/maroon. 

(Added 8/20/12)

Conophytum stephanii

Crassula hemisphaerica

Haworthia odette

Pediocactus peeblesianus

Crassula hirta

Phyllolobus sp.

Brachystelma barberae

Red Crinum Lily (added 7/23/12)


  1. I have my eye on C. stephanii as well. H. odettae seems a great choice, and if you do not have H. gracilis (similar), look for that too. There are a few similar looking.

  2. C. stephanii is #1 on my list. I've never even come across seeds for sale. I'll check out the other hairy haworthias you mentioned. It's no secret that I love hairy plants!

  3. I wanted an Aloe plicatilis, fan aloe. And I did have one. But I lost it. Adjusting my wish list to what is happy to grow here. Right now the aloes on our Karoo Koppie are magnificent.

    1. You are wise to focus on the plethora of aloes that grow happily in your area. My list includes plants that are probably difficult to grow here...maybe a reason I cannot find them!

  4. do you have any of the alibino aloe still living?