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I love plants.  I love San Diego.  I am thankful the two are harmonious, as I live in one of the most accommodating regions in the world.  However, it took me many years to accept that I live in a desert.  Okay, okay, it's not technically a desert, but with an average of 10" of rain per year, we are semi-arid at best.  Many residents still cling to their rolling lawns and magnolia trees, requiring lots of water.  I am a fairly recent convert.  My garden, and frankly my own thinking, has evolved from a pseudo English Cottage garden to my current succulent, Mediterranean, and California native landscape.  Despite our proximity to the grand Pacific Ocean, most of our water is channeled from the Colorado River, hundreds of miles away.  

My obsession is succulents.  Anything that can go weeks to a full season without water, is my kind of plant.  Their adaptations are manifested in unique and interesting form and function.  I am also challenged by their cultural needs and get a lot of satisfaction from successes.  My current favs are:  Aloe, Aeonium, Crassula, Mesembs, Caudiciforms, and North/South American cactus.  

I am an amateur gardener.  My education is experience.  I have killed more than my share of plants, but with each "passing", I learn.  I have also nurtured many beautiful, healthy, long lived specimens.  I love to share experiences, references, photos, and ideas, and receive the same from fellow gardeners.  
This is my blog....

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