Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best of the best

I have hundreds, maybe a thousand plants, and I can tell you at any time exactly what I have and where they are located in my garden.  Obsession at best!  Of my collection, there are a few that stand out because they are visually stunning and equally care free.  This list changes from time to time, but for now these are my Best of the Best...

Echeveria 'Pappy's Rose' crest

Aloe dorotheae

Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick'

Agave attenuata

Conophytum obcordellum

Aloe vaombe

Cheiridopsis candidissima

30 year old Platycerium superbum.
The mounting board is 4' wide.


  1. Oh, some pretty good choices I have to agree. I do not many/any crests, but I have always wondered if they are more sensitive to rot/overwatering!

  2. Thanks LT! There is an area in my garden where several plants have produced crests, even non-succulents. This echeveria was planted in that zone. I can't help but suspect an environmental factor has something to do with it. There is a buildup of diatomaceous earth from an old pool filtration system. Hmmm? Makes one think? I am also curious if the cultural needs of crested plants are different. I haven't treated mine any differently and they seem to be doing well. So far.