Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Dormancy

September is the time of year when Coastal Southern California
joins the rest of the nation in uncomfortably hot temps.  Monsoonal air flows from the south/southeast (sans precipitation), and Santa Ana winds from the eastern deserts, bring uncomfortably hot temps.  It's also the time of year my appreciation for succulents in the garden, is renewed.  While many other plants wither and grow tired, growth is at it's peak for many of my heat loving succulents.  Conversely, summer dormant succulents are showing their unique ability to slow down and preserve energy,  some feigning death. Here are a few sleeping beauties in my garden....

Of course, gotta show 
a few Cono's....

...looking like two horned aliens

Aeonium (I think)

Tylecodon paniculatus
Nice green, papery bark

Othonna retrofracta

Aeonium crest.
Looking a bit like rosebuds.


  1. Great post! Amazing how they adapted and maybe one of the main reasons for me why I love succulents, to see,learn and grow these little phenoms! To my mind, very little compare to the variety available in C&S world. LT